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Cambium technology is an innovative new wood grain finish inspired by the natural endurance of trees. Just as cambium cells in a tree keep it healthy year after year, our Cambium stays strong and beautiful, too.
Real Wood

Technology Bulletin

Things are not
always what they
appear to be.

Vinyl Substrate

In the world of vinyl fence, the color of the inside of a substrate is not necessarily an indication of purity of materials or the lack thereof. A tinted substrate does not always mean that recycled materials or regrind was used.

In fact, at ActiveYards, we recently began adding a gray colorant during our manufacturing process to enhance the performance of the vinyl boards that are used in our fence panels.

Make no mistake, all of our products are made with 100% virgin vinyl in the United States. We don’t cut corners like our competitors who use regrind and import products to save on costs.

ActiveYards is the premier manufacturer of high quality fencing systems. We are a true U.S. manufacturing operation in that our systems start from raw materials, we fabricate to a specification, and then we ship to our exclusive ActiveYards Dealers.

Entry Gates

Walk Gate with Tri-Finals and Castings
Custom Slide Gate
Estate Arched Double-Gate in White with Castings
Bedrock Style in Black with Arched Walk Gate
Granite Style in Pewter with Butterfly Scrolls and
Arched Walk Gate